Guess Who’s Back

If you seeing this blog post – please understand it has been a long time coming.  I set out to refresh this website in late 2017.  What I failed to realize that this was more of a big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) than I thought.  My wife was 8 months pregnant and it is our first.  Which explains why I jumped out of the window with this BHAG in the first place.  We are super thankful that our blessing is here, 8 months later after her birth, I finally birthed the refresh of the Riddick Agency website. Ok now let’s get into the improvements!

We have made some really cool improvements on our site and we are excited to share 3 new things that we have launched with the new site.  Here they are:

Premium WordPress Hosting

I am so excited to roll this out our RiddickCare Premium WordPress Hosting service to the public for consumption.  Up until now, we have sold this package behind the scenes to new clients without a lot of information and we have had an overwhelming response.  Clients love this service and in the upcoming months, we will have some testimonials to share.  On this new site, a fresh coat of paint includes information about RiddickCare Premium WordPress Hosting and shortly after the launch we will have the ability for new RiddickCare clients to sign up for the service right on the website.  We are really excited about this!

Past Work

I have been poor at featuring our best work to new prospects and we are excited to have a new portfolio section of the site.  We have started adding featured work from some of our amazing clients and it is only going to get better.  We have just scratched the service for adding our past work, so please stay posted an visit back to look at our latest and best work.


It was extremely important to us to show creativity on this new website. I have approached our site previously only with an informational bend.  Here is who we are, what we do, and give us a call. We knew this time around we need to brighten things up with a revised color pallette and fresh imagery that showed you that we are just as crazy about creativity as we are process and strategy.  I really wanted to present us an agency that is ready to show the world that we are bursting with creativity that marries good strategy and creates great results for our clients .


I am really excited about this launch.  We know there is still some dust to blow off and some tweaks to make, but I am happy to finally birth this project.  Although nothing touches the birth of my baby girl.  She is the greatest thing her Mommy and I have created.